Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A WORD OF CAUTION (to myself)

I am here to caution of the risks of procrastinating working on your yard (maybe next year you will listen, but I doubt it):
- The weather could change overnight and instead of working in the yard in 70 maybe even 8- degree weather, you will get 90 and 100 degree weather out of no where
- It is really hot and there are only a few hour where it doesn't completely suck to work on the yard (good excuse to procrastinate more, but the yard looks like crap)
-You're even more cranky about yard work in the hot sun (do I sense a theme here)
-But most importantly, Sun Block Up, even on the butt crack area that always manages to hang out (trust me it really hurts to burn, I am feeling the pain now)

Please remember these things next year when you want to put it off  a few more weeks until school is out, it is not worth it.


Brittani said...

lol...lol...lol I am just envisioning the burnt butt crack!

Mikael Webb said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Amen sister. Amen!