Monday, June 14, 2010

Not My Idea of Summer Fun

We have spent a good part of the day cleaning out Harley's closet. It is not fun at all. She is my little Hoarder in training. As we clean through the closet she keeps saying, "Man I just need to throw things away, Why did I save that, and I wish I was a neat freak." Needless to say, I sure it won't even last a day. She is messy at heart. I hope I can train and teach her to be better, but hey my house needs a good clean through on everything so I'm sure that is why she has let it go. So this is the starting spot for my summer "spring" cleaning. At least now we will be able to walk in and she has gotten rid of more then I thought she would. Partially because I told her we would get a box to put things in that she was getting to big for, but couldn't part with yet. She can fill the box up, but if it doesn't fit she has to decide what stays and what goes. Hopefully this will help with some of her attachment issues and we can weed things out after not seeing them for awhile. I guess we'll see. I better go help her wrap it up, cuz I am done with this.

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