Friday, June 11, 2010

Scout Camp

I am hoping to get caught up on pictures and blogs someday, but for now I will just do my current going ons. This week Noah got to attend Scout Camp for four days. Of course it would have to be record highs for some of the days. I was able (had) to go and help for two days, Wednesday and Thursday. It was stinking hot. Wednesday I was put with older boys from the ward, so I was really excited to be there, because I wanted to be there with Noah. Luckily a ton of parents showed up on Thursday to help so I ditched the group and help Noah's group out. It was a fun day. Unfortunately I ended the day with a monster headache and came home straight to bed. The heat made Noah and his friends be at each others throats, and let's face it hundreds of wild boys running around can get old. I feel for the people there all four days. I do think it is worth it though. Next year hopefully I will get to work days a little more spread apart, or I will have to ask to do something indoors. Now for some summer fun.

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brit said...

thanks for helping as much as you did!! if only all parents were as willing as u, then life would be so much easier. u r awesome. glad it was worth it.