Friday, September 3, 2010

Not one of those "Shining" Mom moments

So this morning as I get the kids ready for school I realize what a failure I was as a Mom last night. We are trying to get ready to head to the mountains for some good old R&R and I have a million things to do (so I blog) and am running around like a mad woman, OK not so different from any other day. We get homework done (or so I think) and a bunch checked off my list. So as I am packing lunches and making breakfast I realize I never go over Harley's math. I start to and am to flustered for time so I stop and say "who cares!" Then I feel guilty and check it and notice unfinished homework that she missed last night, and a lot of it. What kind of Mom am I? I know my kids need to learn to get things done without me pestering them, but it was a crazy night for us all and she rarely does this. So I was in a bad mood and lecturing, the kids were late for school, oh and Noah was covered in hives so I just gave him benadryl and put hydro-cortisone cream on and sent him on his way. Needless to say, not my finest moment.

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Brittani said...

hmmmmm, how come that sounds so familiar, maybe because we all do it. you are so not alone!