Thursday, September 9, 2010

Week in Review

Just so my kids can look back and say 'Oh, Mom wasn't so lazy after all," because Noah loves to tell people I'm lazy, this is my schedule this week:

Monday: Labor Day - We have been camping and 4 wheeling all weekend, so we get a little more in and pack-up to head home and unpack what we can

Tuesday: Clean-up after getting in (a little), Finish B-day shopping for Har (today is her birthday), Pick-up cupcakes to take to school, Check Har out for lunch and pick up a cake, Wrap Presents, Clean some more (laundry is included in this), Kids come home and Noah reminds me he has a therapist appt.

3:30-4:30 Noah's therapist
4-5:30 Harley and Jacei Kelly Greens Clinic (have to ask for help getting them there, thanks Britt)
7:00 Cake @ Mammy and Pappy's
8ish Home to put kids to bed and scrub out and vacuum the fifth wheel
Somewhere in there we get homework and reading done

Wednesday: Cleaning again, the house looks as if 100 bombs went off (but today I have a goal to at least get the kitchen, living room and entry way in order; I also get Noah's room and more laundry done)

3:30-4:30 Scouts, I am one of the leaders and have to be there the whole time
4-5:30 Kelly Green Clinic, once again need help thanks Janae
5:00-6:00 Noah swim team, to find out his time is different now and he goes from 4-5 but today he stays with a higher level
6:00 Babysit Logan and Cache :)
Get home eat dinner, do homework, read and crash!!!

Thursday: Noah and I have tummy aches, he refuses to get out of bed. send Har to school, crawl back in bed and sleep for another hour. Noah is feeling better and wants to go to school. Get ready and take him. Clean, Make phone calls (set up Dr. appts and fall festival call), work on orders

4-5 Noah swim team
4-5:30 Harley KG clinic
TONS of homework!!! (and don't think because you are a parent you are exempt from this)
Crashing again, I hope

Friday: Now today is going to be a much needed me day. I will straighten through the house and then craft with the girls

4-5 Swim team
6-??? Watch Harley perform at the FHS football game

Saturday: I need to weed, clean the garage or work on orders (but I do hope to sleep in)

So I hope the kids realize how crazy life can be and that I love doing all I do for them. I know right now they don't fully get it, but one day they will. And YES, I love to be lazy if given the chance. I welcome it with open arms.

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Perry, Christi and Logan said...

Wow! Sounds like a busy week! Funny how kids don't realize all that moms do for them. They will once they are older I'm sure.