Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Being Tested

This upcoming half marathon in March is one that will be a test for me. I don't remember it being so hard last time. In the two years since I last did this I have had a few set backs (like adding on some good old poundage and just in general not feeling well). I signed up to give myself a jump start on getting back to a healthier-happier life, praying that I didn't get drawn in the lottery. Needless to say I did. Excitement runs through my veins at the thought of doing it again and dread for the lack of running over the last year and a half.

Come January first I jump all in and am determined to make it happen. I feel like a rock star being able to go from no running to four miles by the end of the week, even if it is slow (11 min miles). The next week I rock out another five. I am on fire! The distraction of having to head to Utah once again for my Father-in-law to undergo draining blood off the brain (for a second time) doesn't stop me. I make sure to get my running in early that week. The blisters are already forming and testing my resolve to battle through the pain of constant blisters on my arches. I know I can do it, but I really don't want to, but I will. I also am starting to chaff a little, but no big deal.

Last Monday I came down with a nasty cold/flu/cough. By Wednesday I could hardly talk. By Thursday I knew I had laryngitis. Great a week of training lost. By Sunday I am feeling slightly better and hopefully that on Monday I can run a little or at least walk some. Yeah right, I get a stomach bug. Tuesday I feel better, but decide to give my body one more day.  Today I went right out the door, dropped the kids off at school  and headed to the treadmill at Mom's. I hoped to get a mile or two in before a coughing fit overcame me. I made it three. It felt great. I didn't realize how much pent up stress/anger had built over the past week and a half without running. I walked a quarter of a mile to warm up and cool down. I feel pretty good, but can tell that I am getting over being sick. The worst part of it all. I rubbed a descent amount of skin off from my sports bra and it is killing me. I guess this one is not going to come easy, but I will prevail!


Brittani said...

you go girl!

Perry, Christi and Logan said...

Yes yohu will prevail girl!! In spite ohf everything- you can do it and YOU WILL

The Graff Family said...

i think that you are amazing to be doing what you are! i sould never do it but you already know that! ;)