Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Sweet Phone Call

Today I get a call from the owner of the Dance studio that the kids take classes from. She wanted to check and see if things were OK. Noah has missed the past two classes of Break dancing class. One week were went up to see Jon after getting blood drained off of his brain and the next we were all sick. Noah's instructor was worried about him and wanted to make sure everything was OK and wanted to make sure he hadn't quit. I told them that he hadn't and about our crazy life. The owner said, "Oh good."..." Noah is one of his favorite in the group and is on the front row for the performance." I know Pride is bad, but it sure makes a Mom proud to hear that (even if we are constantly trying to harness all that energy into a stronger break dancer and not so much spazziness).


brit said...

i would love to see noah break dance, i bet he is great!

Brittani said...

makes you love the place you ahve your kids in dance!