Saturday, October 18, 2008

Harley Scores!

Today was a big day for Harley. She scored her first ever goal in a soccer game. To make it even better, it was a beautiful goal. They passed the ball to her and she quickly went for the shoot. She gave the ball a hard kick and it went flying by the goalie. She was the only one on her team to score today. We were so proud and excited for her. She is developing a love for the game and has wanted to score, but never has had the opportunity. She is learning her position well too. Of all the girls, and I know I'm bias, she is really sticking to what she is being taught at practice, so she was open a lot of the game. Her coaches were so proud of her, they made all the girl congratulate her on her goal and she glowed. It was a big day and a big reward. I never want to forget the moment. She has been working so hard to get there and now we can remind her of how hard work pays off. I just wish I had my camera.

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Chanel said...

GOOD JOB! Cambria scored today too! You are twins!!