Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You Make Me Proud

I am so proud of Harley. Her soccer team has entered into a tournament this weekend. It is supposed to go from Friday through Sunday, Sunday being the championship game. I said OK and told Har that she could play except for Sunday. We didn't think her team would make it that far anyways. At practice yesterday her coach gave her the schedule and she will have two game Saturday and two on Sunday. She promptly told her coach she will not play on Sunday, she has church. Then she came and told me about it. There were no tears or questions about not getting to play. She knew it was the right thing and didn't look back. I then talked to her coach and once again told her we wouldn't be there Sunday. Then I thought, well if she goes to church then she could play her afternoon one. Then the internal struggle began. Should I let her or shouldn't I. Then I talked with Scott about how proud I was. Later he talked to her and asked why she did what she did. Har told him that at church she heard of a boy who wanted to miss church to watch a game. He decided to go to church instead, because it is the right thing to do. She wanted to do what is right and be a good example. (This is from a sharing time I taught) I was so touched that she listened and learned from this lesson. Then I thought this is a good time for us to set a boundary for keeping the Sabbath day holy. So, I have taken her attitude and don't care about Sunday's games, because we are doing what is right and the bar is set for our life. What a good example and a joy she is in my life. I am so proud of her and her great choices. She truly was saved for these last days and is a very strong girl. Don't let that ever change.

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Chanel said...

Go Harley. I always knew you were great, and I am proud of how faithful you are. Sometimes I think it is harder for adults to make the right decision than for the kids. I guess that is why god gave us such special children in our lives!