Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My turn at Tag

Here you go Britt, I just hope I can think of six things I am willing to share:

1. I am perfectly fine spending a day laying around doing nothing and watching TV. It is probably something I shouldn't share, but I love a kick back do nothing day. (Then the next day I freak 'cause I was lazy and worthless and my house is a mess like usual.)

2. I love having people and lots of kids hanging out at my house. I just worry that they will be disgusted with my cleaning habits. I am by far the messiest of the sisters. I tend to shy away from entertaining because of this. Sometimes I even feel like my house should be on clean sweep and those other types of shows. I would probably even get an award for having a disgusting house.

3. Sometimes I miss the days of being poor. We didn't have the money to do much of anything so I was more creative in the ways to entertain my kids. I miss doing those things with my kids and husband. Now I feel like life is so busy and it is hard to slow down and get some of those things back. We could have never afforded to do sports among other things and life was simpler (and harder).

4. Fingerprints on the walls drive me nuts! Of all the things that should be done, fingerprints find their way to the top of my list. Thanks Dad!!! Oh and the towels being uneven at the bottoms and in width drive me nuts too. And pictures that hang crooked, I have to fix these even at other peoples houses and I feel terrible doing it but I can't resist. I blame my upbringing. (Do we need to wonder where Noah gets it from?)

5. I will never get sick of the color green. I have loved it all my life. Anything green. The shades of green may change over the years, but there will always be green in my life. I try not to buy everything in green, but it love it. This doesn't come as a surprise to those who know me well. Someday I will even finish painting my house green.

6. I work in a very random, compulsive order. I have noticed that when I clean or pretty much do most things. I start here and skip to there, then it is off to this other place and back to the beginning, then off to another place, back to there....(you get the picture). I get bored easily and like to mix things up, and yet it is the same pattern or movement always. (I realized this cleaning Mom's, I have to vacuum the same direction each time or I can't function). Now this skipping from one thing to the next and back drive Scott nuts, but it is how I work. If I didn't skip I would get bored and never finish. In the end it all comes together and gets done, it just looks like a confusing mess in the process. So I am a random, compulsive person and it is not going to change.

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Brittani said...

Thank you, that was fun. By the way I never look at your house and think it is unclean or disgusting, so get over it. We love to be at your house too!