Wednesday, October 29, 2008

People should pay me

So yesterday I go to fill up my car, it has been running close to empty since Saturday. I pull up to the gas station and am thrilled to pay 2.84 a gallon. Only a few hours, not even the next day, I am driving back by the gas stations I was by earlier and noticed within a few hours the price was starting to drop at some, by 10-14 cents a gallon. Not even a day later. This is crazy. Every time a fill up the gas prices start to drop right after, so people should really start paying me to fill up so the price of gas will keep dropping. Just a suggestion, any takers? I guess I should just be happy the prices are falling.

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Chanel said...

I paid 2.19 last night. I later drove by Wal-mart and it was 2.11! I filled my truck up for cheaper than I ever have! Crazy oil people must have decided they gouged us as much as they could without leading us into another depression, and then lowered the prices back to where they should be. I am sure they are laughing on some tropical island right now!