Saturday, October 11, 2008

These are the moments

Thursday night I had one of those moments where my life felt perfect. I wouldn't change a thing. It was after dinner and I was cleaning up the dishes, Harley was working on her homework at the table and Noah was reading to me. I just started to think how much I loved this, even though I am tired of cleaning dishes by this time of day. I am so happy to have these wonderful kids and that I am able to help with homework and be read to all while I clean. I stopped what I was doing to take a picture and capture the moment. The kids though I was crazy. I just don't want to forget how happy I was in that moment. I don't want to forget the good time around the kitchen table doing homework while cooking or cleaning a meal. It also got me thinking about how it seems that in life we are always wanting more, a bigger house, new car, new clothes, toys games, and on and on. When it really is moments like these that really matter and make us happy. Why can't it be so easy to enjoy the little things and not stress out about the things that really don't matter. This is what life is about, gathering around the table enjoying one another and feeling like we have everything and more then we could ever need. What a great feeling it was, too bad it passes all to quickly when it is time for bed.


Chanel said...

I agree. It is amazing how often those moments just sneak up on us and we are so grateful for all we have and could not imagine wanting more. I wish I could keep that feeling with me always. It sure would make life a lot easier.

Brittani said...

We all need reminders like that. Thank you for reminding true so true!