Thursday, August 13, 2009

Getting ready for school

I can't believe the end of summer is here. We start school on Monday and I am not ready for it in most ways. I am ready to get back on a schedule, but I don't look forward to the business of school. Noah also starts soccer on Tuesday and shortly after Harley starts dance. So we are soaking up all the last minute fun we can. Late nights at Connie Mack, camping in the back yard, sleep overs, swimming, and squeezing in lazy mornings. I hate to see another summer go and a new school year begin, it means the my kids are growing to fast and time just speeds up the older they are. But maybe I can catch up on a few things, like blogging about this summer. Who knows. If not it was great and over way too fast, I'm sure it has only been a month since getting out. Well I should get the kids off to the game and tons of junk to eats, and 10 more lbs added to the way too many already needed to lose (at least we are enjoying our time together).


Brittani said...

hey, meybe we can catch up on scrapbooking...we need to have a day to celebrate (Mourn) school!

The Graff Family said...

hye, i want to scrapbbok too! :) i feel the same way about the summer. i am excited for them to be gone during the day again though-then there won't be any fighting and i might actually be able to get something done around here!

Chanel said...

I can't believe that summer is already over either. We packed a lot in, but left too much out it always seems. Take pictures of your cute kid's first day!!