Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back to school Pics

Harley, Kaylee and Jacei
James trilled about the camera




I finally have my camera back and am getting to the picture really quick. I am doing this while I get ready to get Noah and take him to the doctor. He was so cute today because he wanted to brush his teeth extra good so that his breath would smell good for ALL the talking he was going to be doing with the doctor. I'm sure he will take a while to warm and open up. Well I better jet so I can have the house a little bet straitened before I go.


Perry, Christi and Logan said...

Very cute pics!!! Hope all goes well at the dr.

brit said...

cute pics, will was looking with me and said "harley house". he loves her! i need to get the one of the 3 girls, it's so cute! hope all goes well with noah and his good breath:)

Chanel said...

The kids look to dang cute (and big). Noah is so funny with his breath ( at least he was not sniffing his fingers huh)