Friday, August 21, 2009

Catch up

Dinner in ABQ
Logan feeding Mique

Red Robins

Logan helping out

For those not interested in my summer, this is just a catch up so I can journal about it somewhere.

We headed down to Albuquerque the night before our flight and grabbed a quick bit at Village Inn (I think). Logan insisted on sharing with Mique and she loved it. Then it was back to head to bed. My kids were to excited and couldn't relax. I was getting frustrated because we were sharing a room with Logan and Christi, so I wanted them to be quite. It was scorching hot in the room so the kids and I headed to ice machine and to find a drink machine for some bottled water. Of course they were out of water, and I couldn't bring myself to drink out of the faucet (it look gross). So, we let the ice melt and drank the water from them, I'm sure it is made from the same gross tap water, but it is a mind thing. Finally we fell asleep. I woke up to the neighbors slamming doors and thought we over slept, nope it was one, then two, the three and all the way until about 5 in the morning. So finally we got up and got ready to head to the airport after a quick hotel breakfast, which I love the waffles.

Things went pretty good at the airport, except when Asher was upset they took his car seat away. Onto the plane, that was pack, thank goodness the kids were all awesome. We were quit the site too, 9 kids and 5 adults. We arrived and needed to get lunch, but first the rental car, luckily Steph had to cars and her great friend helped bring one to the airport. After that we headed to Red Robins for lunch and had an even bigger crew, 2 more kids and 2 more adults. We ordered and then I noticed a little menu on the table letting us know how many calories we were getting with what we ordered. Can I just say crazy, nothing under 2000-ish calories with fries included, but let me add yum. Then it was off to Stephs to settle the kids and go grocery shopping, which took forever because apparently we left our brains back in New Mexico. I took forever and three trips through the checkout, running back to grab forgotten things each time. We were all happy to be there, except when we had the girls and Noah "running through the forests of Washington" in plain site. I guess everyone needs a good nights rest.

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