Thursday, August 27, 2009

Farmer's and Pike's Market and the Water Park

The Farmer's Market was visited first. The food was yummy, all the berries, homemade pasta and dips. My mouth waters thinking of it. There were tons of fun booths to buy handmade items too. Harley and I love our interchangeable magnetic necklaces. It was a fun day and good food to snack on from it. Another day we Had to go to Pike's Market. It was so much fun. The stinky fish and watching the workers yell and throw it around. They had some delicious smoked salmon. Then it was off to explore. There were tons of gorgeous flowers, delicious fruit and jams. The kids picked up a few trinkets. We took food to have a picnic in the park and took a ton of touristy pictures. My highlight, Mom's low light, was after taking may pictures by the pole the girls gather and Mom's was immediately pooped on. We all gagged and laughed, excepted Mom. Sorry Mom, it is something we'll never forget. Then it was back to Steph's house after a fun day.
Another day was spent at a water/amusement park. We show up and realize it is the last day of some radio special and the place is packed. But hey, we (Dad) saved a tone on getting us in ($20) a person. The little one went to the water and the big kids wanted to ride the rides. (I don't have the pics of this yet). So off we went for Harley and Noah's first roller coaster rides. They had a blast and that is all we ended up doing that day. Thank goodness that water was cold enough from the log ride. Mikael, Chanel, Declan, Decota, Cambria, Harley , Noah and I all went together. I was proud of the kids, they even tried to upside down roller coaster and went on it twice. It was the perfect way to break them in to an amusement park. I can't wait to take them to a big one now with Scott. I really can't think of anything else we did on the trip that wasn't hanging out at Steph's. It was a blast and I can't wait to go back. I can't wait for the Girl's trip next year. I love my family and how well we all get along and have fun, even if I am the one getting made fun of the most. I love you guys. You truly are my best friend in the world, next to Scott of course.

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brit said...

i laughed (bit just a little cindy) at the bird poop! looks like you guys had a blast! makes me wish i was a webb girl! you girls are too much fun!