Sunday, November 2, 2008


Thursday Britt, Mom, Christi and I spent all day (9-6) canning. Well I ditched out the last 2 hours for soccer practice. It was a fun day. I love the time to hang out and visit. My kids love the canned apples and the memories of hanging out while I canned and sneaking as many apples as possible. This year they were at school most of the day. Amber introduced me to canning several years ago. I thought she was crazy for wanting to do it, but decided to give it a try. I actually enjoy it! There is a feeling of accomplishment when it is done, needless to say a nice addition to food storage. I think the apple are beautiful in the cans. I took several pictures of the process and look forward to scrapbooking it when I get back and find time. I am still tired from canning and it is three days later, but it was a fun day. Thanks girls for all the fun.


The Nielson's said...

That is so funny you've been canning. I haven't done it for a really long time, but I told Jeff the other day that I need to can some apples. I only have two jars left. While you're having a ball in Spain, I'm probably going to be peeling apples with my Pam Peeler. :) I'll think of you.

Brittani said...

Look at those beautiful jars. Thank you so much for teaching us! I loved it! Who would ahve thought?