Sunday, November 16, 2008

Heading to Spain

The night before flying out we left to Albuquerque to stay the night and have enough time to get to the airport. It was a boring night with just a quick drive down and off to bed. I got up early the next morning to run and get ready to go. Unfortunately there was no exercise facility in our hotel, which I didn't discover until after I got up. Oh well, I just started getting ready. Then it was off to the airport to start our long day. Luckily we didn't have to be to the airport until 8:00 ish. But it's a 2 hour wait for the flight, which passed quickly. The first leg of the trip was to Houston. We had just long enough of a layover to meet up with Talon, Annie, and Patty, and grab some lunch. Then it was onto our next flight to Paris. This is when the fun began. We go a window seat (Scott's) and I had the middle. As we were looking for our seat we were greeted by the aroma of BO. Luck me got to be squished in between Pepe-le-PU and Scott on a hot flight that did not have air conditioner, blowy things. It was a LONG flight. Talon could smell the sweet aroma of BO from a far and was extremely jealous of my seating arrangement. Thank heavens the flight finally ended, with little sleep, my nostrils burning, and even a few tears from me. Then it was a quick rush to our next flight that they had to hold the plane over, we were late and had to do customs and all that fun stuff. The next flight was off to Malaga. Oh what joy this plane brought me. No stench of BO. The seat felt huge, only to me, and there was air conditioner blowy thingies. I was able to sleep and little and be embarrassed about the tears I had on the Pepe-le-Pu flight. After arriving in Magala we hoped onto a bus and headed to Estopona, about an hour away. We caught the last bus for our group because Annie had to make a claim on missing luggage. And it was so nice because there were about 10 people on that huge bus. Scott was exhausted and slept quit nicely, everyone knew by the snoring, to the hotel. We were greeted with yummy food and were able to check right into our room. I waited for my luggage and changed to go for a run. Let me tell you, running never felt so good. It was sweet joy to stretch me legs and a work them after being cramped in planes and sitting on buses for more hours then your body cares to. That night we went to a great dinner with tons of yummy and some not so yummy food. We all stuffed ourselves and stole little bottles of olive oil and balsamic vinegar to take home (Mom ended up with the most, she was stocking up for food storage). Then it was off to bed, which we were more then happy for, to get ready for the next day. The bed were great, but we did get the chastity king sized bed. Two twins put together and each made up separately so you have sheets tucked in between the two of you. Not to romantic, but great for jokes. At least they were comfortable. I guess we are done having kids.?.


Chanel said...

How romantic- BO, snoring, and your own bed!!!!

The Nielson's said...

Ever notice that's Scotty's smile is the same as Noah's in the blog picture of him and Harley? Funny! The story about the guy with BO cracked me up. I would've cried too.

Perry, Christi and Logan said...

Your stories crack me up especially the one about BO man, and the runs killing your mom. I look forward to hearing about the rest of your trip.