Sunday, November 2, 2008


I can't believe Halloween has come and gone. It just snuck up on me this year. I barely took any pictures, I almost forgot to get the kids in thier costumes and did so at the end of the night. It was a whirlwind of events. I wish I would have slowed done and enjoyed it more. I feel like no matter how fast I run, I just keep falling farther and farther behind. We crammed in carving pumpkins after soccer and before bed Thursday night, thanks to Scott (he did it all). Then I barely and hap-hazardly got the kids ready to trick or treat on the way out the door to the trunk-r-treat. I sat down ate a little dinner, relaxed for a minute, lost Noah and his friend Joshua, panicked about finding him before hi parents came to trunk-r-treat with us, finally tacked them down (after the parents got there), trunk-r-treated, came home, handed out as much candy as possible and went to bed. All this after running around all day (from 8-5:30 that night only being home long enough to make a couple quick calls and leave the kids with Scott). So I feel like I didn't even get to enjoy Halloween. But I did throw together a scary rocker outfit, that wasn't so far off of how I dress (sorry no pics). Now we are home trying to nurse Harley back to a healthy little girl (she has strep) and hope no one else gets sick (or if so soon so we can get the meds we need before we leave on our trip). I am tired from just typing this so I am going to get the kids to bed.

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The Nielson's said...

I needed you around this Halloween. I didn't get any pictures. I was in charge of Trunk-or-Treat and was gone all day getting everything ready. By the time things slowed down that night, Jeff had taken the kids home and some of them had fallen asleep. I might make them dress up today, take a picture, and post it on my blog. Is that legal?