Wednesday, November 5, 2008

One Last Blog

That is before SPAIN!!! I think I have everything done that I need to for now, so I will blog really quick while I wait for Scott. This morning I woke up , the 2nd time, to thunder and snow. Since when does it thunder and snow at the same time?!? A lady at Wal-mart told me it was God's way to show he is angry that Obama was elected President. I got a kick out of that. It does make you think though. It is freezing here. I am not ready for winter.

I am so excited to be leaving on a trip with Scott. We really have never done this in our 10 years of being married. Definitely not without kids. It will be an experience. I am already missing the kids. I hope they are good for Britt and Christi. I hope they have a good time while we are gone. I hope they know how much I love them. These are the random thoughts running through my head. I know my kids will be well loved and taken care of while I am gone. I just hope they are as good to those taking care of them as they are being treated. Harley has been a pill the past couple of days, because she is getting over strep-throat. And we all know the kids get to be so much fun when they feel good enough to let you know how bad they feel. Today she was a lot better, but not totally. I let her stay home and spend the day with me and recoup a little more. Noah was happy to go to school and loves being there. He just can get a little crabby when his routine changes. He is very excited to have some spend the nights with his cousins though. All will be well. Well I'm off to spend the rest of the time I have with my cuties.

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