Monday, November 17, 2008

Day Two Rhonda

The Bull Ring

Some Church, I thought was pretty

Scott loved how the buildings were on the edge of the cliffs.

What a good looking couple

The main shopping street

After a good night's sleep and waking up at 3 in the morning, I get jet lag in the reverse, we get up and get ready for our day. We all decide to meet at breakfast at 7 that morning so we are ready in plenty of time for our tour. The breakfast was huge and amazing. Bread like you wouldn't believe, no wonder my gut won't go anywhere, fresh fruit, a chef cooking eggs how you want, pancakes, a bunch of meats (fish, sausage, bacon...) that didn't interest me, and chocolate fountain to dip fruit in (yuck) and who knows what else, oh potatoes many different ways. So once again we feasted then headed of to our room to finish getting ready to head to Rhonda. We are in the first group to leave and have a tour guide, Miguel. He introduces himself and starts to give the 411 on what we will do and where we are going. He doesn't seem to bad. We arrive and head down the main shopping street, we are in and older town. A quick walk through and off to the bull ring. It is fun to look at the stuff, but all I hear from Miguel is blah blah blah. He doesn't capture my attention. I try to be polite and act like I am listening and sneak of to get pictures here and there. Miguel is starting to get testy and shushes some people, I think another tour guide and some ladies taking pictures. Then it's off to check out the town. He is moving much to fast to get pictures, but we are not to worried about keeping up. We took the pictures we wanted and then caught up, he is long winded (loves the sound of his own voice) and so we will catch him about the time he finishes, just the way we like it. Well before we know what happens Miguel chews us out like little school kids. He starts out, "I am very nice, don't take me wrong. I have been here ten minutes waiting on you while you shop. I do not like to repeat myself. If you want to shop then leave you don't have to be here. I am not your Father. I am nice, but I don't want to have to wait and repeat my self......" blah blah blah. Funny I don't remember shopping up to this point, but now it looks like fun. Everyone else in the group was embarrassed for us and him and it was awkward, as Harley likes to say. Mom, Patty, Scott and I decided that the shopping he suggested sounded good, well much better then hanging out with him. Talon and Annie took off on their own to get pictures and meet up later. We knew the meeting place and time.

The shopping street, or whatever you want to call it, was fun. There were lots of fun little shops to check out. I tried on some clothes, hated the way they fit (story of my life), tried on some shoes, walked around, found Scott caffeine, walked around, had a churro and chocolate (not an American churro either and Annie has pics of the ones we had sorry), ate some gelato, shoe shopped more and found a cute pair of flats and then headed back to the meeting spot after obtaining more caffeine. Luckily on the way home we didn't have to ride on the same bus we came on so sorry no Miguel.

That night we decided to eat dinner at the hotel. It was hamburgers for some and club sandwiches for others. Pina Coladas for all. After we changed into comfy clothes we headed to Mom's and Patty's room to play cards and eat candy. (The pounds are piling on now) It was a fun game of Phase Ten, which we did not finish. I was extremely tired and got a kick out of the runs stage. I believe it was Mom who said, "These runs are killing me!" I cried from laughing so hard about the runs and them killing Mom. Needless to say we went to bed not long after that. Day three coming soon....

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