Friday, November 21, 2008

Day Four- Shoe Shopping

We decided to take the day off and go out on our own. Sorry Miguel, I know how you will miss me and my family. We slept in until 10 when Mom called to wake us up. Just enough time to rush and get ready and make it to the morning feast before they clean up (look you don't get a body like this skipping meals). We found out Marabel (or something like that) was a good place to shop. They have both name brand, in other words way out of my price range, and old town shopping, in my price range. I decide to wear my boots today , because I need to luck in finding some awesome boots to take home from Spain. We grab our cabs and head over to Marabel. The cab driver tells us were we will want to shop and so off we go, after being hit up by the mustached lady for some money (in her defense I think she was homeless). We headed across the street and there it was, the best store, with the best shoes ever. There were hundred of cute shoes. To top that they were reasonably priced, better then I could get in the US (rare these days). I was in heaven trying on shoes, shoes, and more shoes. Scott was good to sit and watch. I did notice I picked the most outrageous things and everyone else went conservative, shocker. After trying on 20 or more pairs I had to narrow it down. I ended up with 2 full boots, 1 ankle boot and 1 high heel dress shoe. I love them all. They are so much fun. The best part is all together they cost about as much as one pair of boot back home would. I was set, we could go back to the hotel for all I cared. I knew wearing my boots for luck would pay off.

We walked around some more after that and window shopped some store. It was fun to see all the thing, but I already spent my money (or did I?). We stopped to get lunch, because everything closes for about two hours. The place was delicious. Scott had some calamari and it look gross, but I tried it. Not to bad but way too chewy for me. I also split a club sandwich with Scott. It was pretty good, but very different from the one back home. The fries were the best (does that even need to be said). Then we walked around some more, got some gelato, walked around some more. As we were window shopping, waiting for the stores to open, we stopped to look at some shoes. This man is strolling around and walks around the corner and lets one rip. I mean shake the walls fart. We all looked at each other, Mom thought it was me, Patty thought it was Scott and Scott and I couldn't believe the guy would let it go so close. Then we all started rolling with laughter. Then Mom goes and looks down the alley to see the guy, who is hovering back there in embarrassment. We walk off and then we see the poor man sneak out. It was a good laugh though. We did a little more shopping, I got some shirts for the kids, scarves fro me and a jacket for myself. Then before leaving we found a chocolate churro shop and had one. It was huge. The churro was not as good as the first one, but the chocolate was as good. Then we caught a cab back to the hotel to get ready for dinner that night.

It was the big dinner KOB put on for the group. We were taken to an farm/bullring/horse show place. They had a show where we watched the Andalusian (or whatever) horses dance and then a flamenco dancer danced with one of the horses. Then it was inside to dinner. It was a yummy dinner. Then the flamenco dancer preformed for us. Then it was back to the hotel with gifts of shot glasses. Great presents for the guys Scott works with.

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