Thursday, October 8, 2009

What a day

It has already started out to be a crazy day. Wake up all to early, get Scott fed and lunch ready for work, shower, get kids up, get us all ready, kids fed and lunches made, hop in the car, drive to Scott's work (30 mins away) so kids can get their flu shots, drive home, get their backpacks, drive to school, check them in, come home, call Brittani to see how the sickly are doing, let dogs out, clean dishes, make beds, straighten house, get dinner in the crock pot, eat breakfast, take a break to blog. Now I need to vacuum the house, go over the floors, touch up any messes with Clorox wipes (door knobs & light switches), get dance bag and soccer clothes ready for kids, try not to have too much anxiety over getting teeth out, unload dishwasher (if the dishes are done in time), go to dentist to get rid of my annoying wisdom teeth (which don't make you any smarter, so what is their point), relax and be drugged up so I don't feel to much pain, deal with kids until Harley goes to dance (KG practice and hip hop class) and Noah until Scott gets home to take him to soccer. I hope they don't have much homework, because I don't know how well that will go over. So hopefully Scott has a good day at work, patience with the kids and the kids are good to help him out so they don't try his patience. OR even better, getting my teeth out isn't all that bad. Well back to my check list.


Mikael Webb said...

Good luck with the teeth! Can't wait to hear how it goes

Brittani said...

cannot wait to see the pic!

The Graff Family said...

let me know if you need help with anything!