Sunday, October 11, 2009

I've lost my wisdom........................................teeth

Well it is officially done and I'm up to blogging about it. I show up Thursday for my appointment and go in to get it over with (that is all I cared about). They sit me down and go over all the worst case scenarios (not a good idea with me, j/k I just ignored what they said and nodded yes). Then they start the numbing process. The left side is first. I feel no numbing, maybe a little. So we move to the right side to give it some time. The right side is numb and my left side is normal. So they numb my pallet, not comfortable. Still normal on the left, so they try and numb it again. This time it works. I'm not sure if it was nerves or what but I was feeling shaky in the head the more they numbed me, probably trying to not think of the needles.

They get started on the right side. Everything goes pretty smoothly, but I am thinking "why didn't I get the gas or put out, these sounds are gross. What if my teeth start moving back now. I don't want gaps. Maybe I should get a retainer made." The love thoughts that go on in my brain. Before I know it the right side is over and done with. On to the left. My top tooth didn't want to come so easily, but with patient work Cam gets it out. He laughs at why it is so difficult, my roots decided to curve not once but twice. This made it difficult to get out, but he did it. But then I had some sharp bone sticking out from it, so he began to file it down (and beat me up, not really). It was hurting to get it filed, but I was still numb. Weird but true. It was making my cheek sore and the pressure was giving me a headache. But he got it done. Then the bottom tooth didn't seem to bad to get out, but then I had some roots break off. A normal tooth has two roots, mine had four and two broke off a little in my mouth. So, Cam had to get those out. Now I should also note, I have a small mouth that is hard to work in normally, let alone to be yanking my teeth out. Everything worked out in the end and I was swelling quickly. I tried call Mom on my way home to pick up my meds, I didn't want to go long without pain meds. I couldn't get a hold of her so I went to Walgreen's myself. I really didn't want to drop it off and come back later, so I went in a dropped it off. I was a sight, swollen mouth, dried blood on my lips and tongue, not able to talk, with an ice pack to boot (I probably looked like I was on the losing end of a fight). They felt bad a were grossed out so they quickly filled my prescription to get me out of there.

I came home and took my medicane and tried to rest. Now I know I am allergic to Lortab after having projectile puke that night. Luckily advil and ice packs took care of the pain. I didn't bruise like Cam thought I would. And, so far I haven't got dry socket, like I am convinced I will. So slowly I am feeling better, my headache is going to go away someday, but that is nothing new, and eventually my cheek will go back to normal and I can open my mouth fully again. Donna did have us over for Navajo Tacos tonight, which was worth working the jaw out and getting food in my nasty wounds that I can't think about or touch without wanting to throw-up.


Chanel said...

I am glad it went well and that you are feeling better.

Mikael Webb said...

Ha Ha! I have been waiting for this post for days! Nobody can tell a good medical story like Chels

Perry, Christi and Logan said...

Just thinking about getting teeth pulled makes me sick. Hope you are feeling better.

Annie said...

Yikes! I hope you don't get a dry socket. You are a trooper! I'm sorry you had to run to Walgreens by yourself. Eli and I would have done it for you if we were there!