Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Home Improvements

One of the ups or downs (depending on how you look at it) of owning a home is the constant improvements. When we moved in we noticed that the window in Harley's room was extremely drafty. Upon further inspection we noticed that there was a pane not sealed to the frame, thus letting a ton of air in. Scott sealed it and there was a big improvement. Needless to say, we still need to update our windows. Last night Scott tore out Harley's window and put in a new one. It wasn't an easy task considering the brick on the front of the house. Tonight we will finish with squirting in some insulation and sealing it shut. Then I will get around to repainting the spots that need it, eventually. It is amazing the difference already, and it has holes around the entire window that need to be sealed off. Thank goodness it was a warm night. Now we just have five more windows to go, the 2 big kitchen windows are next on our list. Although, before that we are re-tiling our bathroom because we have empty space from putting in a new shower. I love making it OUR home, but at times it hate the work (or more the mess) that comes with it. Here is a list of things we have yet to do

stain and recover the kitchen table and chairs
finish painting the house (i'm a little burnt out)
recover the swing out back
redo pretty much the whole yard
replace carpet with new carpet and hopefully wood floors
replace all windows
get a work shed out side for Scott, and clear up much needed garage space
replace the roofing over the deck
update door knobs and hinges
update heater vents
add outside lighting
change address on house for 6I2 to 612
and on and on

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brit said...

ahhh the joys! at least you have handy manny at your house! i don't know i kinda like the 6I2!