Monday, October 26, 2009

Our Luck Ran Out

It is official the flu has hit our house. It sticks! I hate the kids, really any of us, being sick. It brings out the compulsion to scrub the house ten fold. At least the strong, and I mean strong, smell of a freshly cloroxed house, well bathrooms, makes me feel a little better. Now I have nagging kids and no desire to deal with their petty fights. I know they wouldn't be happening if they felt well, but it still stinks. I am also sad now, because that puts off seeing Nanny that much longer. I had hoped to visit her today when the kids were at school, but alas it is not to be. It is better I stay away until all traces of illness are gone. The upside is I get to visit teach over the phone and not feel so guilty about it, because it is something I struggle with anyways. Well off to put out the fires of contention.

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The Graff Family said...

hope they get better soon!