Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Haunting

Last minute we decided to got trunk-r-treating and carve pumpkins. We knew what the kids wanted to be, but I slack not thinking we'd be well enough to go. Harley was a disco girl this year. We had her hair rolled in rags and threw together a last minute outfit, which included me running out and buying her a new pair of super-flare lagged jeans. She looked awesome, her hair looked like a bad wig, I loved it. Noah wanted to be a vampire, easy peasy. Black pants and shirt, a cape from Mom's dress-up and lipstick for blood. We have a plethora of fangs on hand. They had a good time, but now I am wondering if it was worth it. Harley is coughing so bad she is going to throw-up at last once by the end of the night. I might even have to take her into Urgent Care tomorrow if she doesn't get better. I am so tired of coughing sick kids. To make it worse, my poor kids have asthma problems which makes anything to do with breathing that much worse. I had thought Harley had outgrown it, but I am thinking twice now. Oh well, at least I had a little break tonight.

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Perry, Christi and Logan said...

glad everyone is feeling better. Harley and Noah looked cute. Love the pumpkins they carved.