Thursday, October 29, 2009

We're on the mend

I took Noah into the doctor yesterday, for my peace of mind. They ran a flu test and it came back negative. He has the croup, or however you spell it. We haven't had that it years. He used to get it all the time when he was little and I thought he had outgrown it. Apparently not. They gave him medicine to take the swelling down in his throat and a steroid to inhale for the next two months, boo. I gave him his medicine last night knowing it would be at least 'til this morning for it to even start to help. I got him a humidifier, which we got rid of and haven't needed for several years. He slept like a baby, I slept like the mother of a baby waking to every sound and movement. I didn't want a repeat of last night. He didn't wake up all night and has felt much better today. Now all he can think about is playing in the snow. He is still extremely horse, but is eating again and as happy as can be. Harley is back at school and I have a small piece of sanity back, not that there was much in the first place. I am glad it was something we could give him medicine for and be on the mend quickly and not wait out the flu.;)

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