Monday, December 1, 2008

Our Final Day


The Ferry

On the back of the Ferry

One of the camels

At last I have reached the last day of the trip. We head to Morocco, i believe Tangier. It is an early and long day. We meat for breakfast and get ready to head out. When we get to the lobby we see if there is more then one bus and make sure we are not with Miguel. To our surprise more then us ask to not be put with Miguel. We load the bus and head off to meet the ferry. Our guide this time is very nice, but I can't remember his name, I couldn't even the day of the trip. After about an hour drive we get to the ferry. We wait in line and get ready to load on the boat. It is about a 45 min ride across the Straight of Gibraltar and we reach Tangier. Off the Ferry and onto the bus for a tour around the town. First stop a short ride on a camel, if you want. It is literally a small circle, as small as the camel can make, and your off. It was a Euro to ride, a little over a dollar. Then on the bus and to walk through the town. We see a snake charmer and then he hits you up for money, in a real pushy manner. Then Scott paid another Euro to have them wrap a sedated cobra around his head. More walking and info on the city, their life and the important things. Then we reach the rug factory. This is the great shopping we have heard about?!? They take us to a room and give us a presentation on the rugs and whatever. I was busy watching people and getting a kick out of Ron Bell picking his nose, wishing I could snap a picture. They let us go and search the store for extremely over priced items, but I do manage to get a decent deal on an tradition outfit for Harley and a drum for Noah. Then it is off the the streets and back to the bus. The trip back to the ferry was eventful. The wolves attack and try to get you to buy their items from them for ridiculous prices and it is bargaining time, while rushing to the docks. It was extremely annoying and the merchandise was crap. It was a sweet relief to get to the ferry and no more people hounding you. The trip back was uneventful and then back on the bus. We still want to get a few more things, but it is getting late. We ask the guide if there is anywhere to shop that we can be dropped off at on the trip. He tells us and so we hop off and are hoping to get a few more things we weren't able to. Well the only place open was a Walmart type store and no restaurants. So we grab a cab back to the hotel. Talon, Annie, Scott and I decide to get some dinner. We have a delicious 5 course meal and enjoy every bit. Then it was off to finish packing and 2 hours sleep before we have to leave in the morning. The flight home was good, but long. No Pepe-la-pew. Mom did get held up in France for smuggling scissor, or really a hair clip and I had my bag searched twice, because I look dangerous. Then a long drive home. And that is the end to our great trip.

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Perry, Christi and Logan said...

Sounds like you guys had alot of fun. (That dessert looked delicious)