Wednesday, December 10, 2008

One of my trials/pay-backs in life

This week has been particularly trying with Noah. To say the least he is driving me nuts!! I just want to put him in bed about thirty minutes after picking him up from school and can't wait to get him there in the morning. How sad is that!?! Sometimes he is the sweetest little thing, but beware there are some horns holding up the halo at those times. When he is difficult, watch out. I just hate that I am not enjoying my short amount of time with him. I need to change my attitude, but every time I think I am it suddenly switches back to "just get to bed and leave me alone." I am sure he can hardly stand waiting for the holiday and I need to be more patient. But come on already. He does come up with some original excuses, I'll give him that. Like when he is not listening, "I think there is too much earwax in my ears. I can't hear what I'm supposed to do" and walking around hunched back for a good three hours, just to admit he's really not hurt (that's dedication). I know he comes by these traits naturally, I am his mom, but come on already. Hopefully Girls Night Out this week will help. I'm off to get the kids to bed and myself, more uncontrollable children to deal with subbing tomorrow (if only I had know he would be this difficult a month ago when I agreed to sub tomorrow, I would have said no).

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Chanel said...

We all have those days when we feel bad because we don't seem to like our kids at the moment. Some times it lasts hours, sometimes days, sometimes weeks- but when it comes down to it we don't feel it very deeply and we do get over it. Holidays are very hard, even Declan is having a hard time staying on task right now because he is ready for school to be out- and he is almost 14!