Friday, December 5, 2008

Putting up the Christmas tree

We finally put up the tree this week. It was a lot of fun and I actually took pictures this year, another day I tend to brain fart about pictures. The kids need to clean some things while Scott was setting up the tree and fluffing it. Noah decided he would much rather fluff the tree and Harley didn't really want him helping pick up. Thus Noah went on and on about fluffing the tree. After awhile Scott was getting bugged by the tree fluffing comments and said that isn't what he calls fluffing. The kids rolled with laughter, thus my favorite pics of the night, the kids "Fluffing" their Christmas trees they put up in their room. Yes we do have a sick sense of humor around our house. It was a good night, the only downfall was the kids did not want to go to sleep because they were so wound up. But, it was the most fun decorating a tree yet.


brit said...

too funny! glad you had so much fun "fluffing" your tree!

The Nielson's said...

I need help! Can you come and put up my tree too? I don't even care if you fluff on it. :)