Monday, January 5, 2009


Well we are back after a too quick trip to Utah. When we arrived we went straight to the hospital to see Trent. We were all relieved to see that he was doing much better then we imagined. He still seemed to be in shock or his brain still thawing out, but the frost bite wasn't nearly as bad as we imagined. Don't get me wrong, it is still not good and he has a long way to go, but we were happy with what we saw. His fingers were the worst of it. His knee was good by that time, his ankle was okay and his toes were looking better. The doctors main concern was about his fingers. His thumbs looked good and parts of his fingers were blistering, a good sign, but a lot of them were still black and gray. Most of his fingers looked good from the middle knuckle to the hand, it is from the middle finger to the tip that is a concern. We hung out for a awhile and then left to get dinner when they kick you out for an hour to do their thing. Then we went back to say goodnight. He also was starting to feel pain and finally decided to get on pain meds. The next day we got up to see Trent again and his fingers were looking a little bit better. His thumbs and pointer fingers looked the best. The rest were looking better, but it is the blood flow we have to worry about and can not see. No real news that day. They popped the blisters and cleaned and wrapped they wounds. He loved this because he didn't have to be covered up anymore. He had enough of that. They tested his blood and were giving him magnesium because that was low (not sure what day though). The kids and I left to go swim and let Scott stay and hang out. There are only two people allowed in the room at a time and the hospital gets boring after awhile, although the kids were extremely good and didn't want to leave for to long at a time. After swimming we decided to go to the room and see what was going on , but graceful me slopped down the stairs and bumped my head, bruised my elbows (though I might have chipped one) and heaven forbid kicked Noah in the head (by far the worst thing done. So we made it to the room and I had to lay there an hour before I felt good enough to do anything. We went back to the hospital to tell Trent goodnight and pick up Scott. We met some friends at the hotel, Jaryd and Marcie and their kids and Denet stopped by. It was good to see everyone and visit. We hadn't see the Draper's in at least 6 years so it was fun to see them and meet their kids. We visited till after midnight and then went to bed. I had a hard time sleeping, but managed to get a little. Then we got up the next morning, got ready and packed and headed to the hospital. We told Trent goodbye, it was really hard because we wanted to stay with him and he wanted us there. On the way home we received news that his pinkie and ring fingers were not looking good, they weren't improving the blood flow. But it is still to early to tell. It is a hard thing to think about losing fingers, but we are happy that this is the extent of it. Trent came very close to death, only a few hours away and inevitably if the people had seen and helped him. We keep saying also that if there are fingers to be lost those ones are okay, it is the thumb and pointer that really will make a difference for him to keep doing most things normally. We just pray that no matter what he will be okay with the outcome and move forward to live a happy and fulfilling life. I will keep that updates going and hopefully the news will continue to be hopeful and happy.

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Chanel said...

We have been so concerned about Trent. I am so glad someone found him. It makes me ill to even think of what could have been. We will continue to keep him in our prayers.