Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's good to have Scott home

Scott is back in town and it is so nice. I must admit my kids probably love it too because I realize I am a lot more relaxed when he is here. I can handle them being awake a little later and let the house go a little, or lot more (because Scott gets irritated if I clean too much, not that you can ever tell that I have). We sure missed him a lot. I am glad that he spread out his training over a few months time, instead of being gone pretty much the entire month of March. The kids were so excited to have him home too. I think he is glad to be home so he can get the boat in working order though. The first order of business for him, and no relaxing until it is done. So even though he is back in town, I guess he really isn't home. At least he is at night, so now I can fall asleep at a normal time.

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