Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I did it

I know for a lot of you out there running three miles and feeling great, almost the whole time, and feeling like you could do more is not that big of a deal. But to me it is great. I didn't lose everything I was working towards before our trip to Spain. I might actually be able to run the half marathon. I am so excited. We'll see how I feel after my three and a half miler on Thursday and four miler on Saturday. It wasn't even bad with my arm, elbow. I just didn't want to bump it on anything. It is feeling pretty good and the swelling is down. The bruise isn't too bad. I think it is okay and as of now will not go and get it checked out. Two reasons I don't want to do this: 1) It doesn't hurt that bad so why waste the money and 2) I don't want to be told something is wrong and I can't run or do things. So time will tell, but I think I just bruised it good. I am just happy that I could do my run and feel great today. I just feel like I don't know where my day went. School was delayed, yes, but that made it so I couldn't run until after ten (plus I had to renew my college membership, thanks crazy 8's, 8 months for 80 bucks!). Well the journey continues and I am not even a fourth of a way there, but I am positive. I just hope to shed so pounds as it goes too.

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Brittani said...

awesome that you felt so good! I too hope to shed pounds along the way.