Friday, January 2, 2009

Leaving Town

It is late and I should be in bed, but tonight we received some upsetting news and it is hard to sleep. Trent went missing the other day, which happens every now and then, and we hadn't heard anything so assumed all was well. At dinner tonight with the fam, we received a call that Trent had been found and was being sent up to U of U hospital to receive treatment for frostbite. It seems so surreal. I can't wrap my head around it. We heard back not to long ago that his fingers on each hand don't look good and his toes. It will be a week or so before we know if they can even save them. They think his thumbs will be okay and his knees and ankles. He doesn't remember what happened. He also suffered from hypothermia and as far a we can figure he had been missing over 24 hours. He was to the point that he thought he was at Lake Powell and extremely hot. He was taking off his clothes to cool down. Luckily some guys crossed his path and called the cops, who in turn called an ambulance. We head off in the morning to go see him and give him support in this trying time. If only we could relax and sleep. We hope everything works out in Trent's favor, but we are just glad that he was found alive.

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Chanel said...

I am so sorry. He will be in our prayers. I hope that everything goes well for your family. We will be thinking about you.