Monday, January 26, 2009

Lost and Found

On Saturday night Scott went to lock op the dealership for the night and ended up taking Cocoa with him. Cocoa is a pretty good dog, doesn't like to stray to far and will come right back as soon as you call. Well he managed to get off on his own and was lost. Grant and Scott looked for over an hour and couldn't find him. Scott was so upset, how where the kids going to react, he was only out of his sight or a little bit, where could he have gone, and all the other wonderful things. When Scott got home he was so upset, so I thought I would go check things out. I looked and didn't' see or hear him and then Grant showed back up so we looked some more. It was around 1 in the morning when we gave up. The next morning we let the kids know. It was so sad for them, especially Noah. They asked if we could get another puppy if Cocoa wasn't found, grudgingly I agreed (Hannah just had puppies so they could pick one for free is they wanted). I called the pound and there was no sign, dead or alive of him. We were sure someone probably took him home and were hoping that they would find him and call, not just keep him considering he is an expensive dog and yorkies are stolen all the time here. We said many prayers and went to church. I kept hoping that someone would find him and call. As much as I hate having the dogs around, well cleaning up after them really, it is worse to see the heartbreak in Scott and the kids. After church we decided to check voicemail. Sure enough some ladies found him hauling butt down Main Street and grabbed him before he was hit, about 1 in the afternoon. They called and returned him. The pound also kept calling back and checking in, which I thought was very nice of them. So we have our Cocoa back. He was filthy and exhausted. He really didn't want to eat, he just wanted to sleep, but we were worried because yorkies tend to get low blood sugar really easy and have seizures. So we cut him up chicken leftover from dinner and mixed it with corn and peas. He was so happy to have human food. Then Harley gave him Gatorade to drink with a medicine thingy and bathed him. He is much better today and really doesn't want to be outside for more then a minute. Apparently he did not like being lost and prefers it here. We are glad to have him back, maybe.


Brittani said...

Thank Goodness, we are glad too!

brit said...

kaylee was so sad for harley. she will be so happy for her!

The Graff Family said...

I'm so glad you found him. That's scary!