Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back to Life

Harley's birthday is over and it's back to life. Last night we really celebrated her with the family. We had dinner at Mom and Dad's with the family in town. For dinner Harley chose Mesquite chicken, zucchini with cheese, salad from Christi (fruit), corn, and I surprised her with homemade rolls. She loved it. Then we opened presents and had Cold Stone cake, but only after the beautiful Webb Happy Birthday singing. Where I was informed I look retarded singing, by none other than Harley. She had a great day once again and was happy with it all.

Today I subbed up at the school. It was fun, I was able to do first grade which I love. I am always really tired afterwards though. The class was great. Now a small break before we head off to soccer. I still have to figure out dinner, my least favorite part of the day. Does Cold Stone cake count? Probably not, darn. Well I guess I have to figure something out and hope only one person throws a fit over it, any less is asking for a miracle. Off to the fun of the evening.

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Mikael Webb said...

I had no idea you had a blog too! This makes my day! Love and miss you! I am already missing taco bell, although the food over here is having about the same effect on my stomach