Friday, September 12, 2008

Putting off the inevitable

I am stalling to do anything today. It is the day I clean Mom's and I just am not motivated today. It is sad to say, but a Diet DP w/ cherry in it from Sonic is about all that is getting me moving. I know I have a problem. My house is a mess, like always, my stupid dog won't quit barking and I need to shop for Scott to go hunting. So I think I'll see what is interesting on my computer.

The past few days I have been thinking of Scott leaving on his hunt. I am excited for him. He can't wait to go. I am a bit jealous, he will be in the mountains by Chama (except for the company he'll be keeping). It is always hard to be apart, but this time it is different. He will be gone about a week with no cell phone service. It leaves me unsettled in ways. I look forward to the night 2 minute chats, we like to hear each others voices but not make small talk. It is nice just to know he's OK. Then it got me thinking about all the families out the with husbands and fathers in the military. I can't imagine how they feel being out of contact for so long. I would be a wreck! I will this next week, and Scott will not be at war. I am so thankful for those willing to serve our country. I am also thankful for the families willing to back them up and support them, hanging there and be a nervous wreck. I am thankful God was so kind in giving us all different abilities and personalities to make this world so diverse. I think about that a lot. What would we do if no one was willing to do the things (jobs) we didn't want to? It would be a very different world. Anyways, I guess I should get the inevitable done with and then maybe I can shop the sales and see if there is anything to organize my life or finish of some decorating I think I want to do.

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