Monday, September 29, 2008

I Have A Problem

Hi, my name is Chelsey Davis and I am addicted to buying things for scrapbooking (mostly paper). Yes I know I have a problem, but I did not realize how big of a problem I had until I started to reorganize myself. Hello!! Can you say out of control. As I sorted things out it started to take over my living room, bedroom and was going to keep spreading from there. I did get my papers organized by color and it took 12 drawers! (2 for blue and green). That was just my 12x12 papers. Then I organized my scraps by color, less room. I have my stickers and rub-ons mostly organized. I have started my tools, but I had to throw everything in a pile once again so Scott and I could have a place to sleep. This is out of control. But I love this stuff. I love the ideas that go through my mind as I see the different products. I love that it makes me feel slightly creative. I love when I put a page, or home decor together and love what I see. I love to remember times with my kids as they have grown. I will try not to buy anything unless I need it, but if there is a good deal I can't promise I will pass it up. Most of my stuff has been collected from stores going out of business, on clearance, on sale, etc. I can't pass up a good deal. If it is 70% off I have a hard time holding back. What can I say, I love to scrapbook and even more I love buying the supplies. Yes I have a problem. At least Scott still loves me.


Perry, Christi and Logan said...

And I thought I had a lot of scrap booking stuff. (It does get addicting to buy) We definitely need to get together more often to scrap book.

Mikael Webb said...

I am proud to say I thin I have been there for a good number of your scrapbooking purchases...and I always encourage you to get more!