Monday, September 8, 2008

Harley's Birthday

Yesterday was Harley's 9th b-day. I can't believe she is already 9! time goes by way to fast and doesn't look like it is going to slow anytime soon. It seems to only speed-up. The older the kids get the more crazy our lives get; which in turn means a feel more jipped on the time I get to spend with them. Anyways, Harley had a great day. I really started off Saturday morning when Nana surprised her with a visit. How fun is it that she was able to wake up and see Nana's face first thing. She has been missing Nana and just wanted to get to see her. Later that day we got to do some birthday shopping, a tradition of Nana and Harley's. She went to Patina's, a total girly store and was in heaven, Noah had fun too. Then on Sunday she woke up, got ready for church, and opened more presents. Mammy and Pappy gave her a cute pink Flamingo dress to wear to church, Noah gave her a Luv-able puppy and the best present an American Girl Just Like Me doll (well next to Nana coming). She was so happy about it all she couldn't sleep last night. She kept telling Scott and I thanks for the birthday, it was the best ever and she loved everything she got. It was a good day. We are so blessed to have a sweet girl like her. She kept saying she couldn't believe she got so much and how lucky she was. I love it when the kids are thankful, it gives me a small hope I am doing a small thing right. I better get ready for her family party tonight. I am going to surprise her with my rolls, one of her faves.

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