Saturday, September 13, 2008

Soccer's here

It's that time of year again, soccer. It is so much fun to watch the kids play. I have yet to get pictures from this year, but I love these ones from last year. Harley's team now plays on one field and gets to have a real goalie. Noah is still 2-4 on 4 games. Harley also has a uniform. She has a hate-love relationship with soccer. Most of the time hate, because practice is more often then games. She is great at making passes to her teammates, I think it is mostly because she doesn't want to be in control of the ball to long. I t reminds me of myself, only when I played basketball (Oh crap, I don't want to dribble the ball! Who can I give it to!?!). She quite often is wearing a smile while she is out playing, until her cheering squad embarrasses her. Noah on the other hand pretty much loves every minute of it. Sometimes he doesn't feel like practicing, but who always wants to? He enjoys his team this fall, he has a lot of friends on it. So we will be a little crazy on Saturdays, but it is so much fun. I also don't know how families with more than two children playing do it. I just can't believe how quick time goes by and that we are already into sports. After soccer is over Noah wants to do basketball and Harley wants to be a cheerleader. We will see how that goes, it will be tons of fun to watch them.

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Chanel said...

I love those pictures. They are sooooo cute. I love soccer!