Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Random chain of thoughts for the day

I know it has been awhile, but I guess I am pretty boring without my hubby. He is back now and it is so nice to have him home. He is still exhausted form all the exercise. Unfortunately he didn't get anything hunting. He still had a good time and so I hope it was worth it for him. Not a whole lot has gone one here. I turned 31 on Monday, no big deal. I had a good day. First it was lunch with the girls and then dinner at Mom's with the family. A low stress day, what more could you want. I really enjoy sharing my day with Asher. It make birthdays fun again to have a kid to share it with. Probably because I love to celebrate the kids in the family. Asher is such a cutie and a very strong willed one at that. I love those squishy cheeks he has. They remind me of Noah, not all that long ago. Where does tome go? I wish it would just slow down and let me enjoy more of the moments I have with my kids before they are grown up. I know, that is a long way off. But, I know it will be here all to fast. Right now I feel like everything is so rushed with school, homework, reading, soccer, church and anything else we throw in there. I feel like I don't take the time to enjoy my kids like I should. I am just trying to get from one thing to the next. That just doesn't feel right. I guess that is the thing that is bothering me today. How do I get it all done and spend the quality time with my kids that I want to? I am so tired by the time we have a little down time, and so are they. Then all I think about is getting everyone to bed. I miss the days of jumping on the trampoline, putting the kids in the stroller and rollerblading or walking around town with them. I just need to try and slow myself down to have those moments with my kids and not rush onto the next thing., put another check on the list. I must admit Harley and I love to crank up the radio and sing and dance. Noah on the other hand gets a headache from it and is the big party pooper. He suddenly needs to throw up when we do this. I know it is not because of our singing, we have wonderful voices. Every once in awhile he'll let loose and join in . Well I better run and start checking things off the list before school is over. May be then the kids and I can jump on the trampoline, or not I might be to sore from running this morning. Hopefully I'll find something to do.

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