Friday, September 19, 2008

Parent-Teacher Conference

Well it has been a little while, so I thought I'd write a few things. It was parent teacher conferences this week and I must admit for the first time I was a little nervous. Third grade has proved to be a big change for us this year. I have tried to just feel it out and see how things are going. Then you have other parents felling a little concerned (or more so) and start wondering should I be worried more? Did I make the right choice? Then conference came. It was actually really good and I feel a lot better. Harley of course is doing great, all A's. Her teacher really likes her, and likes to have her next to Kaylee. Her teacher is so nice, I really like her. I just wasn't sure what to expect out of third grade and felt left out or behind in a way. I like to be very involved in my kids life right now, because time goes by way to fast and I need to take advantage of the time I have now. By the end of her conference, I volunteered to be the Reading Rockets Mom, I track the minutes each kid in the class reads and give prizes to those who met the monthly goal. I also decided to be the Room Mom, another "What was I thinking?" moment. I would rather do that then the class not have a Room Mom. Noah's conferences also went well. He is doing good in class, no grades at this age, and is reading pretty much at the level he needs to be at the end of the year. It is always nice to get to see how your kids are doing, where they are at, and where you can help out more. It also makes me stop and realize how fast they grow, and time just speeds up but never slows down. This week has been good.

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Chanel said...

You are a great mom taking on all of that extra work. Kids always love having their parents involved at school. It makes them feel special and solidifies their knowledge that you care about EVERYTHING they do. Keep up that great work- my sweet niece and nephew deserve the best!